Rev. Kevin Ross, Sacramento, CA
Jael Fedayeen
I subscribed to Xavier Soul Streams website, it’s by far the BEST I’ve even seen covering his topics! The Icing on the cake for me is hearing his voice speaking during the guided meditations, so calming and easy to listen to. I LOVE the inflections he uses in his voice when saying certain words, what an impact!! His wife’s voice along with his is like the “peanut butter and jelly” effect for me, they go together so very well! Finally, Xavier’s musical compositions are unmatched by any I’ve heard over the years as well as the African Drumbeat and frequencies. It’s Absolutely Phenomenal!!
Keith Thompson, New Orleans, LA
There is magic in the telling! The music of Xavier Soul Streams has that air of magic. It has that “something” that speaks to the conscious act of creating one’s reality according to your will, imagination and love. The music inspires this! As I sat with each musical story, the rhythm of each piece transported me to places within myself that offered opportunities for change. Change that was elegant and filled with a grace that can only be divine. Sit with these gifts and let yourself journey into inner lands that are the gifts of your imagination.
Mary Thomas
Thank you, Xavier for inviting me to SOUL streams. It seems to be a relaxing environment on how to reconnect with oneself and total well-being.
Barb Thomas
This arrived into my life at a time when I needed it. Perfect timing! Thank you.
MotherAmina Spiritual
Wow!! Absolutely amazing!! Wow! Earth angel!
The Breathing Experience
The harmonic source of our souls is an understanding that is advancing my ability and inability to transform with greater ease. Thanks abundantly! I will share with others.
Ancient Future
There’s something about your messaging that’s universal, real and captivating.
Zisuh Tankeng
Wonderfully expressed. Great tidings. The harvest is plentiful but few laborers. Keep up the greatest work!
Brenda Smith
Your words are blessing me so much, Thanks!
Thank you, this is very beautiful. Just what my spirit needed this glorious God filled Wednesday.
Sarah T
I love the message and images in this video. Amazing work!!!
All is well ! Thank you so much for that profound message and I totally agree.
Chirlan Gomes
Your music is setting me free!
DEX Life Coaching Services
Simply breathtaking!